Clinical Centrifuge, DM0424

Product Details
  • Dlab Scientific, DM0424
  • Max. speed 4000rpm
  • Run time: 1-99min, HOLD
  • Rotor speed can be set in RPM/RCF ,with 3 programs storage capacity
    for routine applications
  • Max. capacity 50ml×4, Adapt to different sizes of blood collection
    tubes and centrifuge tubes suitable for swing out rotor and angle rotor.
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
  • Rotor options: Swing 6×15ml (or) Swing 4×50ml (or) Angle 24×15 ml (or) Angle 12×10ml/8×15ml
  • 220V, 50/60Hz

* the price may change with or without prior notice.