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Laboratory Fine Chemical and Staining Solution

Product Details
  1. DPX Mountant for Microscopy & Histology, 250ml
  2. iemsa’s stain solution (AZUR eosin methylene blue soln.), 250ml
  3. Giemsa’s Stain Powder, 25g
  4. Field Stain A Solution, 500ml
  5. Field Stain B Solution, 500ml
  6. ZN Acid Fast Stains Kit (125mlx3)
    • Carbol fuchsin staining solution strong
    • Acid fast deculourizer
    • Methylene Blue alkaline (Loeffler’s)
  7. Gram’s Colour Staining kit(125mlx5)
    • Gram,s crystal violet
    • Gram’s iodine
    • Gram,s Decolourizer
    • Gram,s Safranin
    • Gram’s Fuchsin Basic 0.1%
  8. Immersion Oil for Microscopy, 25ml/100ml
  9. Leishman’s Stain Solution with Buffer, 2.5L
  10. Leishman’s Stain Powder, 25g
  11. Indian Ink Solution, 100ml
  12. Haematoxylin Delafield Staining Solution, 250ml
  13. Haematoxylin Mayer’s Solution, (Hemalum Mayer’s), 250ml
  14. Haematoxylin’s Stain Powder, 25g
  15. Eosine Yellow Stain Solution, 250ml
  16. Eosin Yellow’s Stain Powder, 25g
  17. Papanicolaous Solution 1a (Harris Haematoxylin), 125ml
  18. Papanicolaous Solution 2b (OG), 125ml
  19. Papanicolaous Solution 3b (EA), 125ml
  20. Paraffin Wax 56-58°C for Histology, 1000g
  21. Benedict’s Reagent Quantitative, 500ml
  22. Kovac’s Indole Reagent, 100ml
  23. W.B.C. Diluting Fluid (Truck’s), 125ml
  24. Distilled Water, 5L
  25. Methanol for HPLC, 2.5L
  26. Isopropyl Alcohol, AR grade, 2.5L
  27. Ethanol/Absolute Alchol, 2.5L
  28. Formaldehyde Solution 37-41% w/v for Synthesis (Formalin), 5L
  29. Formaldehyde 4% Buffered (pH 6.9) For Histology, 5L
  30. Xylene Rectified, 2.5L