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Dehydrated Culture Media and Bases

Product Details

Dehydrated culture media products are made of high quality ingredients so as to produce maximum good results as expected by our customers. It is of great significance to know the functions and reactions of a particular ingredient and its interaction with other ingredients in a media.
We serve a wide range of dehydrated culture media products to meet the various requirements of Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Cosmetics, Water Treatment, Public Health and Medical Microbiology departments.

Product Table

No.Product NameApplicationUOM
1Blood Agar Base (Infusion Agar)Blood Agar Base is recommended as a base to which blood may be added for use in the isolation and cultivation of fastidious pathogenic microorganisms like Neisseria, Streptococci etc.500g
2Brain Heart Infusion BrothBrain Heart Infusion Broth is employed for the propagation of fastidious pathogenic cocci and other organisms associated with blood culture work and allied pathological investigations.500g
3C.L.E.D.Medium (with Andrade Indicator)C.L.E.D. Medium w/Andrade Indicator is recommended for isolation and differentiation of urinary pathogens on the basis of lactose fermentation.500g
4Citrate AgarCitrate Agar is recommended for cultivation of iron bacteria from soil samples.500g
5Simmons Citrate AgarSimmons Citrate Agar is used for differentiating members of Enterobacteriaceae on the basis of citrate utilization.
6MacConkey AgarMacConkey Agar is used for isolation, identification and enumeration of E.coli , Staphylococcus aureus and Faecal Streptococci.500g
7Mannitol Salt AgarMannitol Salt Agar is used for the selection and subculture of Staphylococcus aureus in accordance with the harmonized 5x500 ml500g
method of USP/EP/BP/JP/IP.
8MR-VP Medium (Glucose Phosphate Broth)MR-VP Medium is used for performance of Methyl Red and VogesProskauer tests in differentiation of coli-aerogenes.500g
9Mueller Hinton AgarMueller Hinton Agar is used for cultivation of Neisseria and for determination of susceptibility of microorganisms to antimicrobial agents.500g
10Nutrient AgarNutrient Agar is used for the cultivation of less fastidious microorganisms, can be enriched with blood or other biological fluids. or detecting faecal coliforms drinking in water waste water, seawater and foods samples by MPN Method. Composition500g
11Peptone WaterPeptone Water is used as a growth medium and as a base for carbohydrate fermentation media.500g
12Triple Sugar Iron AgarTriple Sugar Iron Agar is used for the identification of gram-negative enteric bacilli on the basis of dextrose, lactose and sucrose fermentation and hydrogen sulphide production.500g
13Soyabean Casein Digest Medium (Tryptone Soya Broth)Soyabean Casein Digest Medium is a general purpose medium used for cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms and recommended for sterility testing of moulds and lower bacteria.500g
14Urea Broth Base (Diagnostic Stuarts Urea Broth Base)Urea Broth is recommended for the identification of bacteria on the basis of urea utilization, specifically for the differentiation of Proteus species from Salmonella and Shigella species.500g