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Hematology Analyzer, Z3 CRP

Product Details

Your optimal choice of 3-diff hematology analyzer with CRP customized for emergency test.
Single-use CRP R 1 cuvette for each CRP test with "zero" carryover and whole blood CRP value calibrated by HCT (%) of respective sample for more accurate whole blood CRP value.
Requiring just 15 uL of whole blood for simultaneous CBC and CRP analysis result within just 1 min.
CRP analysis allows patient screening for presence of inflammation caused by bacterial infections or other
treatable inflammatory disease.

  • Features:23 Parameters +3 histograms
  • Principle: Impedance for WBC, RBC and PLT counting Colorimetric for HGB Immunoturbidimetry for CRP
  • Sample Type: Venous blood, capillary blood and pre-diluted blood
  • Throughput: 70 samples/h for CBC mode, 60 samples/h for CBC + CRP mode
  • Reagent: Diluent, Lyse, Probe cleanser, CRP R1, CRP R2
  • Sample Volume: 10 μL for CBC mode, 15μL for CBC + CRP / CRP mode, 20 μL for PD