Hematology Analyzer, Z5

Product Details

An evolved 5-diff hematology analyzer enable all possibilities in the small laboratories.


  • Tri-angle laser scatter + advanced flow cytometry + chemical dye creates the possibility for better 5-diff WBC differentiation even on samples with high Eosinophil.
  • Dedicate channel and optical method for Basophil measurement, have a better performance on basophil counting than traditional impedance method.
  • Two lyse located-in the analyzer, compact design stem from highly in targeted electronic boards, simplified liquid path system to fits small labs, clinics, and etc.
  • Multiple smart flags to indicate abnormal blood cell differentiation and morphology.
  • Features:
    29 parameters+ 2 scatter gram + 2 histograms

    Laser scattering for WBC counting and 5 Diff differentiation Impedance method for RBC and PLT counting Cyanide free reagent for HGB measurement

    Sample Type:
    Venous blood, capillary blood and pre-diluted blood

    60 Samples/h

    1 Diluent, 2 Lyse, Probe cleanser